Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hi, My Name Is....

So this isn't the first time around the block for this blog; this is a reincarnation. Back in the first go 'round, I wrote the Wretched of the Earth as a public defender. I wrote the blog anonymously because, as a PD, it isn't safe to blog out in the open. It's not smart office politics, local politics, and can be bad for courthouse politics. I was outed by a well-meaning Dallas Observer reporter and things went down from there. Eventually I was encouraged not to blog anymore by friends who were looking out for me (and some non-friends) and that was it. I walked away from blogging and a whole bunch of wonderful regular readers (sorry guys!). Then back on September 1, 2008 I resigned from the Dallas County Public Defender's Office over the ridiculous workload foisted upon us.

But now after a long hiatus, I'm ready to get back into the swing of things. This time I don't have the constraints: I'm not a public defender and don't work in an office where I have to watch my tongue (I'm my own boss, so my boss is pretty cool).

So here are the rules for this here blog. I'll post as regularly as a busy criminal and family caseload will allow. I will do so out in the open, under my name. I won't ever break client confidentiality. I won't insult or otherwise talk trash about judges, prosecutors, other attorneys, court staff, or clients by name. I will, however, write unflinchingly about my work. Feel free to post comments but please, don't comment just to insult me or another commenter. Have something constructive or interesting to say. Other than that, it's all fair game.


  1. Welcome back to the blogosphere, Mike! Always enjoyed your blog in its previous incarnation.

  2. Thanks, John. It's good to be back.